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Improve the quality of life of 60 vulnerable senior citizens in Ciudad Bolivar.

Bogotá DC, Colombia

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ABC Prodein is an international non-profit organization of Catholic inspiration, with authentic love, we promote the integral development of vulnerable human beings, so that they may be the protagonists of their sustainable transformation.

What do we do? We promote integral development:

We nourish
We educate and form
We defend the dignity of the person from conception to natural death.
We develop skills for work
How do we do it? With faith in God, we guide human beings to live authentic love, recovering a vision of hope.

Why do we do it? We believe in the dignity of people so that, by developing their capabilities, they can be the protagonists of their own history.

Who do we do it for? Children, youth and adolescents, senior citizens, mothers who are heads of households in vulnerable conditions in Santa Viviana, Ciudad Bolivar Bogotá, Potrero Grande in Cali, Medellín, Popayán.

With this fundraising campaign we seek to improve the quality of life of 60 vulnerable older adults in Ciudad Bolivar, through the implementation of a comprehensive care program composed of the following approaches: health promotion, nutrition, self-care, caregiver training and spiritual guidance.

We are convinced that our project will cover a series of needs of a population forgotten by their families and society in general. Our purpose is to achieve active and healthy aging.

What progress have you made to date? The first phase of our elderly care program initiative was launched on May 13, 2022 thanks to the support of private donors, this phase refers to the dining room called Madre Maria Teresa, where 60 elderly people are welcomed, who since May have one meal a day that meets the nutritional needs of their age.

ABC Prodein is a family that is constantly seeking to contribute the best of itself to society.