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We are an organization that acts as a bridge between the donor and the project that requires economic financing to become possible, grow or achieve sustainability.

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We are an entity that seeks to make visible initiatives with tangible impact.

Security throughout the process

We review each of the initiatives, as well as the documentation of each proposal, in order to offer solid ideas.

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Make possible the financing of projects with impact from the service of a corwdfunding web platform in the donation mode

To be a leading platform in the support of projects with an impact, in order to contribute to the construction of fairer and more developed societies throughout the world.

Todos Ponen is an initiative created in 2019 by a group of people who in their experience identified the need to build bridges of support between people with similar interests, based on the support of the fourth industrial revolution, information technologies, ecommerce and the potential of the globalization of needs and solutions.


Crowdfunding is an opportunity to grow high-impact initiatives that are unable to access traditional financing.